Managing During Times of Transition

September 14, 2017

If the only thing constant is change, then how we deal with change can be treated as a constant opportunity. Change can mean growing, evolving, shifting, expanding. For an organization looking at a key leadership turnover, change can also represent a time of anxiety and vulnerability. This is especially true if there’s no plan in place.

If the change is a leadership transition, rushing to hire can be a big mistake. The board or leadership team may need the time to step back and review what they are really looking for in their next leader. Before bringing on a new leader, they need time to assess: Where is the organization? Where does it want to go? What does it need to get there? And yet the work of the organization continues. Likewise, if the change is due to a sabbatical or extended leave, what’s the best approach to ensuring that your organization thrives in transition?

One opportunity for managing change – whether permanent or temporary – is to hire an interim executive. A skilled interim can give the organization a sense of security during a leader’s sabbatical or during a thoughtful and thorough hiring process. An interim can serve as a partner by providing a fresh perspective, an institutional review, and key assistance in preparing to hire – or in guiding a nonprofit during a leader’s sabbatical or extended leave of absence.

This September 28th, CNE will host an expert panel to explore the role and opportunity of an interim leader. This workshop is appropriate for board members and executives facing change in their organization, considering instituting a sabbatical program, or wanting to plan ahead for the inevitable leadership transition. It is also appropriate for individuals who are considering whether they would like to serve as an interim executive leader for nonprofit organizations.

We’re excited to feature four seasoned panelists with local and national expertise: Rick Moyers, Katherine Morrison, Larry Zippin, and Rachel Lloyd Miller. Each brings a unique perspective and knowledge as an executive interim or funder of interim placements. Find more information about the panelists and register for the event here.

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