Financial Leadership in Practice (FLIP)

May 25, 2017

Twenty-one participants just wrapped up two days of trainings with Justin Pollock of OrgFoward as part of CNE’s inaugural offering of Financial Leadership in Practice (FLIP). FLIP is a key component in our Finance Academy, developed in partnership with CFA Institute.

FLIP participants spent 15 hours together learning about financial leadership. They learned how to use financial information to inform decision-making—from strategy to fundraising to program evaluation and the importance of all members of an organization taking up their fiduciary responsiFbility to attend to the double bottom line. Participants also learned how to use financial information to actively take up the responsibilities, and how to communicate the health and impact of an organization to a variety of stakeholders.

We encouraged nonprofit staff members to attend with a board member, especially the Treasurer, in order to build a stronger culture of financial leadership and a common language around finance within their organization. The Louisa Arts Center did just that, and here’s what Sheryl and Julia had to say:

“This workshop is wonderful for creating a blueprint to create a narrative from financial information. This will help inform and improve many aspects – from the budget process to how stakeholders present information about our organization.”
Sheryl Eubank, Louisa Arts Center

“As a board Treasurer, I found this workshop invaluable in learning ways to communicate and present information to staff, finance committees, and board members.”
– Julia Skare, Louisa Arts Center

And they’re not done yet! Three two-hour tutorials and a two-hour financial strategy coaching session will follow the intensive workshops and provide strategies for implementation.

If you’re interested in strengthening the financial health of your organization and building a culture of financial leadership, check out our Finance Academy.