Leadership Transitions

March 16, 2017

At CNE, we know that one of the most significant and pivotal moments for an organization is when it faces a change in leadership.  An Executive Director – and other key leadership staff – are linchpins for organizational success, and their departure can represent the loss of relationships, knowledge, and vision for the organization. It is a time that can be fraught with anxiety and fear. Change can be hard and the unknown can be scary. And yet it is also a time of tremendous opportunity for an organization.

A leadership transition can provide “a rich opportunity for agency renewal and for reenergizing all parties central to the agency’s success.”
Tim Wolfred, Managing Executive Transitions

Managed thoughtfully, leadership change can position an organization for growth and new opportunity. That’s why we’re excited to announce a new collaboration to help nonprofit organizations plan for and navigate leadership change to maximize the opportunities transitions represent.

Leadership Transition Services at CNE is a new portfolio of services that is road-tested and tailored to the nonprofits we partner with daily. The services are meant to compliment each stage of your organization’s leadership lifecycle – from thinking about succession plans and developing future leaders, to creating a recruitment process at the point of transition, to onboarding a new employee once hired.

Together, let’s demystify leadership transition and embrace bringing on and developing new talent as an opportunity for our organizations and for the sector. To learn more about the new Leadership Transition Services at CNE – and to read about the value of careful attention to each of these stages –  visit our website. And please, spread the word. We’re looking forward to working with you.

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