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Month: February 2017

Leadership Throughout the Life of an Organization

Organizations grow and change. We can understand this change in terms of a life cycle with organizations being characterized as “start-up,” “adolescent,” “mature,” “stagnant,” or “defunct.” Ideally, an organization moves smoothly as it progresses from…

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We’re celebrating our members!

In May 2007, CNE accepted its 100th member. Today, CNE has nearly 250 nonprofit members working in over 16 focus areas. Their reach extends from Charlottesville, 10 neighboring counties,…

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A Nonprofit’s Role in Advocacy

Last week, we wrote about the need to work together to create a resilient community. This week, we’ve seen an excellent example of this. On Tuesday, a collection of non-profit organizations…

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CNE is excited to launch 7 Actionable Principles for a Strong Social Sector!

We encourage you to check out the site and you can find a recording of our launch town hall here.

CNE Members: Schedule a complimentary hour of support and coaching around the 7 Actionable Principles here.