2017 Regional Nonprofit Compensation and Benefits Report

CNE and The Community Foundation for a greater Richmond are excited to offer our first regional nonprofit compensation and benefits report.

This landmark project surveyed nonprofits of all sizes between February 26 and April 2, 2018. A total of 236 responses were included from Charlottesville and Richmond regions. We asked nonprofits about compensation for leadership staff; compensation for the lowest paid, full-time staff; and employee benefits. We also asked about staff demographics, such as gender and race, to better understand diversity and to gain insight into any disparities in compensation.

The Report provides a guide for board members and hiring managers looking to fairly compensate employees or entice new talent. It also provides some broader insights into the nonprofit landscape in our region, including that salaries in the region, in many cases, are below the national average. The data also suggests that compensation disparities exist, particularly for women and people of color.

We’ve made an infographic summarizing the top takeaways from the report and an accompanying discussion guide available below. The full report is also available here.

Thank you to all the nonprofits who took the time to respond to the survey, thus contributing to our collective knowledge and ability to continue to support and advocate for the sector. If your organization participated in the survey and has not yet received a copy of the full report please contact CNE.

Please note the 2017 version is our most current offering.
If you’re interested in purchasing a more up-to-date compensation and benefits report, you can check out Candid’s 2021 Nonprofit Compensation Report.

5 Key Takeaways

Discussion Guide