The Countdown Begins: New Federal Overtime Regulations

November 03, 2016

Somehow it’s November. Which means raking leaves, pulling out warm jackets, big pots of soup, turning back the clock, and your 1-month countdown to the new federal overtime rules which go into effect December 1st.

If you’ve felt overwhelmed, confused, or just plain frustrated by these new rules, you are not alone. But now is the time to face the regulations head on and make changes if needed. Ignoring the rules is not advised. Budgets need to be reviewed, staff may need to be re-classified, and you may even consider asking funders to increase their support so you can comply without it impacting community services.

The good news is that there are lots of resources to help you determine a) if the new regulations apply to your organization and b) if so, how to adjust your business practices to be in compliance.

And here’s something else: This change may over time contribute to a healthier nonprofit culture. The shift has the potential to help improve the quality of life for thousands of nonprofit staffers working on the front lines to strengthen their communities.

We know how critical it is to our missions to pay a competitive salary and to effectively manage workload. These new regulations can help us to not only talk honestly about these issues within our own organizations, but also to better model our social equity values.

But where to begin? We’ve got a list of resources that may help.

Webinars on Next Steps & Best Practices
Adjusting to the New Overtime Rules
Summary of Impact
Compensation Connections LLC Webinar
Department of Labor Guidance for Nonprofits
Department of Labor Video
Start Planning Now
Answers to Nonprofit Questions
Overtime Calculator Advisor
Compensable Time
Why the New Rules are Good for Nonprofits

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