Technology: Like it. . . or Not!

October 04, 2016

Technology. Most days I like it, but Wednesday was one of those “or not” days.

It started early last week when the Foundation Center computers would not connect to the internet. These computers are open to the public to research grant opportunities. Appointments are made, so it’s important that the computers work when someone shows up at CNE to access the database.

After contacting tech support, it was determined that the Power Line Adapters (PLAs) we use to connect to the internet were no longer working, so I ordered two new ones to replace the broken ones.

The replacements arrived on Wednesday morning, and I decided to hook them up right away. Well, not so easy! I thought they were plug-n-play, but apparently, not. So I fiddled with them, Googled “how to connect PLAs to network”, but nothing worked.

Finally, around 2:30pm, I went to lunch. I had had enough and needed to walk away. My co-workers were surprised by the late hour of my break.

Now, mind you, I am usually the one that a co-worker talks to when they have a computer issue. And when that happens, usually all I need to do is stand beside them, and suddenly, it works!

When I returned from lunch, I tried a few more things, to no avail. Finally, I contacted a former computer vendor, which took me three tries on the phone. I told him my problem, mentioned that we have no money in the budget for him to fix it, and asked that he simply TELL me how to fix it. All the while, our phones weren’t working properly either. I finally had to call him from my cell phone.

He walked me thru what I needed to do, but still, it wasn’t working.

He asked, “do you have it connected to an outlet?”

I answered, “I have it in my surge protector.”

He replied, “That is the problem. It has to be connected to a wall outlet to connect to our network.”

Once plugged into the wall outlet, everything connected. The problem was solved.

That was one day I just needed someone to stand beside me!

Valerie Washington, Finance and Operations Manager (and fearless tech support)

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