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September 28, 2016

grant_writingIt’s a new day at your nonprofit. As you scroll through dozens of emails, a congratulatory notice emerges. You’ve been awarded a grant! Memory of the grueling application process trickles away, and you are flooded with relief. Grant writing can be worth it!

Nonprofit Hub mentions three important reasons for grant writing:

  • There’s a lot of money out there
  • Grants exist for any kind of nonprofit
  • You can fund any kind of need

And while grants are not your sole source of funding, and perhaps not even your main source of funding, they certainly can be a substantial reinforcement to your budget.

Diversity of Sources counts for a lot. The idea is to have several baskets of income and several grants in the works so that the loss of any one funding source will not be fatal. – The Balance

So you can be more informed about the grant writing process, CNE is offering the Grant Writing Series to members.

Past participants have appreciated:

  • Planning & streamlining the grants process
  • Discovering new tactics
  • Guided writings
  • Resources for grant research
  • Working on problem/needs statements
  • Learning how to utilize the Foundation Center website
  • Walk through of federal budget template
  • One-on-one advice
  • Networking

Join skilled grant writer, Susie Miller, to learn practical and proven techniques to strengthen your grant writing power and secure funds for your organization. Scheduled to meet on Fridays from 10/14 to 11/18, the series is designed for small groups to meet in manageable segments to focus on grant completion. New and seasoned fundraisers from CNE member organizations are encouraged to apply.

I really appreciated how the trainer used specific examples that were relevant to each person’s nonprofit. – Pleased Participant

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