Is Your Compensation On Par

September 22, 2016

Is your nonprofit staff receiving fair and comparable compensation for their good work? The 2016 CNE Salary and Benefits Report can help you determine that. A valuable tool for just $50, this report is now available for purchase. Please click here if interested!

Your success is integral to CNE’s vision. Through a comparison of shared information and a study of underlying trends, you can make informed decisions on reasonable compensation, helping to ensure your organization’s health. Appropriate compensation per your operating budget range will help your organization to grow, retain talent, and be more competitive in the marketplace.

Following a survey distributed by CNE in May 2016, data was compiled using responses from 119 nonprofit organizations in the Charlottesville area. Presented in two primary sections, the summary section of the report includes demographic information for all responding organizations while the comprehensive salaries and benefits sections include data broken out by organizational operating budget, from under $100,000 to over $5,000,000.

Everything from hours worked, salary received, health benefits provided, and leave offered is mapped out for positions in the following areas: CEO/Executive Director/President, COO/Deputy Director, CFO/Finance, Development, Programs, Marketing, Public/Community Relations, Technology, and Administrative Assistant. Additionally, the report includes data on employee turnover, number of volunteers/interns, and a resource list.

Your success advances our community as a whole. While large scale reports are available, the CNE report focuses on our local Charlottesville nonprofit sector. We hope you’ll find this report to be both insightful and useful for your organization.

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