An Agile Workspace?

September 14, 2016

I recently encountered this topic in a Forbes Leadership article – How Agile Working Has Impacted Our Workspace.

Although there were elements of the article that seemed beyond my work situation, I was intrigued by a quote by Martyn Freeman:

In an agile environment, ‘work’ becomes an activity rather than a place.

Until I read this definition, I thought creating an agile workspace was something only Google or Facebook could offer their employees. But that’s not the case. I realized that I had created an agile workspace here at CNE.

I needed a workspace that allowed comfortable engagement with members, trainers, colleagues, and visitors, yet gave me the space I needed to fulfill my work responsibilities. How to create the space?

First I needed to remove the large office desk. Perfect. I could do that.

Several years ago, I had subscribed to the paperless work environment which enabled me to easily migrate to a stand-up desk. And who knew there were health benefits?

The change allowed me to add a small round table which opened the space and invited people to join me in my office.cindy_office_1

I now had the option of standing at my desk, or if I had a project requiring more space, I could work at the table.

If you are part of a nonprofit, you may be thinking. . . that’s fantastic but it’s too costly!

How fortunate that CNE is near the Habitat Store and Circa. I was able to purchase a stand-up desk, a phone table, and a round table for less than $120.

I encourage you to think differently about your workspace. How can your workspace better reflect activity rather than place?

There will be limitations, but be creative – even if it means adding only a plant or two.

Cindy Colson, Director of Programs


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