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Month: July 2016

Available Now: Updated Media Guide

mailboxes_cropWe know positive media relations are crucial for nonprofits. That’s why we carefully compile and annually update the CNE Media Resource Guide. We want your organization to have the most…

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Introducing CoLab


Social change through collaboration—it has a nice cadence doesn’t it? Every day we are called upon to engage in joint efforts with multiple individuals, work groups, or organizations. This is…

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Introducing CNE Onsite


Let’s talk about our exciting new program: CNE Onsite! This program offers customized trainings where CNE staff and consultants come to you to cover a wide range of needs, including…

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Special Edition: New Customized Programs

CNE wants to ensure that your organization achieves maximum impact. That’s why we’ve designed four highly individualized programs with you in mind.

We know your colab2organization has its own unique needs AND that it…

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Earn CFRE Credits Through CNE

cfreCNE knows the deep value of your nonprofit work, yet there is a shortage of certifications and degrees to qualify it. Highly competent fundraisers sometimes meet with professionals who have a…

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