Salary Survey Benefits Local Nonprofits

May 11, 2016

foundationLet’s talk about money! Changes in organizational structure, especially pay structure, can make us more competitive, and can make our staff happier. Taking part in the CNE Nonprofit Salary and Benefits Survey will help us evaluate current compensation norms.

We all want to hold on to our top talent – it’s necessary to stay competitive. Nonprofits rely on research to set pay and benefits for staff, and to justify compensation levels to boards, the IRS, and the general public. The Nonprofit Salary and Benefits Survey captures necessary market data so that we can build fitting pay structures for our geographic area.

As a participant in the survey you’ll receive the 2016 Center for Nonprofit Excellence Nonprofit Salary and Benefits Report for FREE (that’s a $50 value!). More survey participants means better, more reliable data. This tool will help strengthen our entire sector.

Be a “good citizen” in the HR community. No matter how competitive your industry is, we all do better when we collaborate. By sharing your own company data, you encourage other companies to do the same, thus helping to paint the most accurate picture of the market for everyone.

– David Weaver, The Survey Group

Twenty minutes of your time could help assure years of talent. We want the best for your organization and our community and this survey is an integral part of that.

CNE is excited to launch 7 Actionable Principles for a Strong Social Sector!

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