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Month: May 2016

Put the Fun Back in Annual Fund


You’ve planned meals for the week, meetings for the month, and vacations for the summer, but have you planned your annual fund campaign? Are you concerned about setting realistic…

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What We’re Reading


Why Cooperate?

It’s well known that strong social networks can lead people to engage in ‪cooperative behavior. But what are the underlying forces that help build and sustain such ‪networks?…

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What Leadership Looks Like In Different Cultures

may16-06-128630138-700x394Although the core ingredients of leadership are universal (good judgment, integrity, and people skills), the full recipe for successful leadership requires culture-specific condiments. Depending on the cultural context, your typical…

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The Best of Online Fundraising 2016

Online ‪‎fundraising‬ is hard, but smart ‪‎charities‬ have shown that it can done successfully with innovative thinking and smart planning. This Chronicle of Philanthropy special report highlights ‪nonprofits‬ that are particularly good at it, and their secrets of success. Read More

Mindfulness at Work

waling_the_dog_3The rules you were given were the rules that worked for the person who created them, and the more different you are from that person, the worse they’re…

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