DonorSearch: A Low Cost Philanthropy Tool

March 23, 2016


Do you find your organization spending cumbersome hours researching donor prospects? If you seek to grow your list of likely donors while increasing efficiency, donor research software could be a valuable asset.

According to TechSoup, “Research involves a certain amount of strategy and thoughtfulness, which no software can provide for you,” while “tools on the market can facilitate your efforts to identify and research funders and make tracking your results more manageable.” DonorSearch is one of those tools.

To help you best manage your organization’s time and data, we are offering all members a two year subscription to DonorSearch. This tool offers clear and transparent data from 25 databases, combining wealth screenings with past philanthropic histories, and regularly upgrading local data. DonorSearch starts with proven philanthropy, as their research has found that “past giving to nonprofits is a much better indicator of future giving than wealth alone.”

Often, the time spent seeking likely prospects is more costly than the price of a software tool that can grow your list quickly and efficiently. The total cost to partake in our two year collaborative subscription contract with DonorSearch is $500, one tenth of the typical cost for an organization. Subscribing will give your organization access through 2017 and also includes access to philanthropic webinar opportunities. This is a short term investment that could have long term results.

“DonorSearch isn’t just wealth screening, it’s also philanthropic screening and matching the two together and giving nonprofits an idea of what might be possible with their donors.”
~ Joanne O’Brien Beam, Capstone Advancement Partners

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