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Month: March 2016

Why Nonprofits Need to Give Workers a Sense of Purpose

Many nonprofit leaders assume that their mission is enough to make work meaningful for their teams through extrinsic rewards, but researchers suggest a purpose gap exists among most nonprofit workers. Explore how nonprofits can shrink this purpose gap without…

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Calling All Board Members

If your organization relies on philanthropic gifts, then board members are critical assets in building a strong culture of philanthropy. Board members are your most strategic volunteers, offering their time, talent and treasure to your mission, and can be…

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Community Engagement Matters (Now More Than Ever)

Data-driven and evidence-based practices present new opportunities for public and social sector leaders to increase impact while reducing inefficiency. Learn how leaders can design and implement programs in ways that engage community members directly in the work of social…

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How to Select the Right Freelancer for the Work

Public and private sector organizations are increasing their dependence on external expertise. Selection of freelancers often looks at the obvious: expertise, relevant experience, cultural fit, availability and cost. But beyond these basics, Harvard Business Review has found…

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