Strategic Planning

Seven Steps for a Successful Year End Campaign

The end of the year is quickly approaching! Make sure to take a look at these tips to get a head start on successfully wrapping up the year.

The Promise of Lean Experimentation

Learn how adopting a new model common to the business world can allow nonprofits to test and implement new programs and services in a more effective manner.

4 Ways to Keep Your Not-for-Profit Organization Fit

Wondering how to keep your nonprofit strong and on-track from year to year? Take a look at this article to further understand the importance of an "annual checkup" for your nonprofit.

8 Strategy Basics for Nonprofit Organizations

How does your nonprofit define its strategy? This article offers alternative ways to think about strategy to enhance your organization.

1 Year Later: Assessing Your Strategic Plan

Has your organization created a strategic plan but found it difficult to continue the motivation to reach for your vision and strategic goals? Maybe you’re not sure how to go about measuring progress towards such goals? This article provides some great tips on revisiting that strategic plan after a year. 

GuideStar to Collect Nonprofit Governance Information in League with BoardSource

GuideStar and BoardSource have joined forces to investigate what indicators of organizational strength and stability can be used to help the public assess the nonprofit's work at a glance through GuideStar Exchange. Find out about the details of their planned evaluation and what effects it will have on the industry in the future.

9 Branding Rules to Live By

Some companies never enhance their brand. Here are nine ways to make sure you're not one of them.

Marrying Mission with Strategic Planning & Evaluation

Best practices and tips for making organizational strategic planning and evaluation as inclusive and effective as possible.

Five Essentials of Strategic Planning

A culture of strategic planning can provide a framework for aligning priorities, making decisions, allocating resources, and measuring impact.

3 Ways to Avoid the Analytic Rut

The potential to leverage big data, or little data, is unlimited. Each nonprofit has its own unique challenges that can be overcome by analyzing data to improve decision-making.