Capacity Building

Defining Quality Collective Impact

"Collective impact" has become a popular idea, but what does it really mean? This article breaks down the phrase, and offers some tips on how your organization can maximize its own collective impact.

How to Keep Constituents Engaged Beyond their First Visit

Are you finding that your organization is able to get the public's attention, but struggles getting individuals to take the next step and get involved? This article provides some great tips on fostering engagement such as accessible and relevant calls to action.

How to Speed Growth at a Small Charity

This podcast details some of the ways in which smaller nonprofits can uniquely increase their growth. Listen to several nonprofit leaders detail their experiences in making their nonprofits bigger and better.

Can "Scaling What Works" and "Collective Impact" Join Forces?

It seems some communities benefit from "scaling what works" and others from "collective action." This article shows how the two can actually work together toward capacity building.

Empowement Play: Why You Should Put People First

People-centered businesses and organizations often outperform their profit-centered competitors. Here are seven ways to unleash the full potential of your people and your organization.

Are You Making the Second Ask?

Your nonprofit may be missing a key ingredient in the fundraising formula: The Second Ask.

It Can Be Smart to Dumb Things Down

Keeping your message simple helps mobilize people in support of your goals.

Are Email and Fundraising Response Rates in a State of Decline?

Yes, but the good news is online revenue is up and monthly giving programs have grown significantly.  This means nonprofits should be focused on engagement with people not response rates.   

Nonprofit Lifecycles


Stevens, Susan Kenny, PH.D.


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NONPROFIT LIFECYCLES: Stage-based Wisdom for Nonprofit Capacity weighs in with a developmental perspective on nonprofit capacity and its relationship to increased organizational performance.

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Working Hard-and Working Well


Hunter, David E.K.


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In Working Hard—and Working Well, Dr. David E.K. Hunter shares the secret formula behind the intensive, tough-love workshops that have sparked transformation for many of the country’s top nonprofit organizations.

The book is highly relevant for:

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